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Hair straightener brush

Advantage of the hair straightener comb compared to a traditional straightener

Straighteners use a combination of heat and tension to straighten hair. The damage comes from repeatedly straightening sections over and over again, which weakens the outer protective layer, and from the intense heat that causes the natural moisture in the core of the hair to vaporize, causing pockets or holes that eventually lead to breakage. The hair straightener brush electric has the advantage of reducing these damages. Contact with the hair is not direct, and the double effect of air and smoothing makes the process much less restrictive. 

How not to damage the hair thanks to hair straightener Comb

The idea is not to hold too much time. Can heat damage your hair ? Technically, yes, it can, but it also depends on the method that you're using. To apply heat to your hair, a classic smoothing iron usually goes up to 480 degrees. You only need to do one or two and that's it. You should not hold the iron or any other heat source on the hair for a long period of time, as this is what causes the damage.It’s the same if you have a spray heat protector. You cannot hold the hot tool too much time, all you will get is damage to your hair.

Using our hair straightener hot brush reduces this damage. What's going to damage your hair is holding the hair and letting the straightener sit for a long period of time. But you often have to do it because it’s not as efficient as the hair straightener comb. Our brush is twice as effective and has a temperature control to avoid shocking the hair. Even with our brush, you want to hold it for a limited amount of time and you don't want to sit there because you will damage your hair. With our hot tool, you can let go quickly and that's how you build the heat and the volume into the hair properly without damaging it.