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The world's #1 all-in-one hairbrush

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Find out why your hair is getting damaged!

The many hair products purchased in stores that you use every day make your hair more fragile and dull.

Flat irons of all kinds and  so-called hair care products destabilize the natural balance of the hair.

Read carefully to the end and discover that it is not your fault and that it is possible to avoid this.

As simple as 1 tool, 2 movements, a few minutes.

BrushX™ was born from a simple vision: Take advantage of current technology to change your routine !

The BrushX™ is an all-in-one solution that's easy to use and gives you a great look in minutes. 

We knew how boring and exhausting it is to dry your hair and then have to prepare it. With a brush in one hand, a hair dryer in the other, your hair burning flat iron next to it and your shoulders on fire, how can you be motivated to do your hair?

Over 100,000+ Happy Users!


It makes my hair silky, soft & at the same time gives volumes of body! Amazing results!

Shelly S.

Very large brush, dry quite well and leaves hair very smooth.

Ines D.

I was done in less than half an hour and the results were great! Definitely recommending this product and I'm buying one for my bestie for Christmas!!

Doreen M.

I have really thick hair and it usually takes about 40 minutes just to dry it! I love my BrushX!!!! I can dry, straighten, and style all in a matter of minutes!! And oh my gosh, my hair is so soft and healthy looking!!!!

Eva C.

Amazing result… am satisfied with the hair dryer/brush. Everything works, the effect is awesome, thank you

Cathy T.