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We believe that feeling beautiful is the key to improving self-esteem and confidence.

That's why we've developed useful, professional quality products that easily and healthily enhance your everyday look and can change your outlook on life. 
And BrushX ensures that every day is a good hair day!


The game-changing

Fast Upper Straightening Brush

We created our Fast Upper™ with a double ionic generator, high density Nano comb and new MCH heating to easily turn any hair type into the silky, straight hair you've always dreamed of - in just minutes!


Best Vegan-Friendly Formula

Infused with a botanical blend, our BrushX Tea Tree Shampoo detangles, softens, helps wash away impurities, leaves hair fresh and smoothes strands for instant manageability - while its fresh scent leaves hair smelling great!


The world's #1 all-in-one hairbrush

With your BrushX™, in one step, you can detangle, dry and volumize your hair - in up to half the time. Your hair will look like you just walked out of the salon, without spending $100 each time.

*versus drying and styling separately


Find out why your hair is getting damaged!

The many hair products purchased in stores that you use every day make your hair more fragile and dull.

Flat irons of all kinds and so-called hair care products destabilize the natural balance of the hair.

Read carefully to the end and discover that it is not your fault and that it is possible to avoid this.

  • Drying and styling your hair shouldn't be this hard

    Drying and styling your hair shouldn't be this hard

    Some of the best moments in life are sometimes wasted because of repetitive and tiring things.

  • Take control of your routine again with the BrushX One™

    Take control of your routine again with the BrushX One™

    Your BrushX replaces all your devices, it's super fast - and with salon-like results!