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Blow dry brush

What makes Brushx the best blow dry brush ?

Brush  X is a blow dryer, volumizer and a straightener. This all-in-one tool is a little bit different than other blow-dry brushes because its shape. It's oblong, not a circle; it is also huge, so it can grab more hair. The brush has other generations.  We are constantly improving the technology to make it better, and that’s why we claim to have the best blow dry brush. It has more airflow, so you get more of an even coverage. The settings are standard so it is accessible to everyone. The other advantage is that there is no need to dry your hair beforehand. Also, when your hair is wet and you use the brush, it actually gives you more shine, because negative ions are emitted, which is pretty cool. With this oblong shape, you can get quite close to the root and pull out, getting that volume. One of the big advantages noticed by our customers is how smoothly the brush is gliding through the hair. The ionic technology and ceramic coating provide a lot of the shine. The bristles themselves are tufted nylon, so it's actually detangling while it's drying, which a lot of these kinds of brushes don't do. It is important to not take sections that are too chunky, because then you don't get as much volume.The shiny effect is also perfect when you haven't done your color for a month or two. In terms of use, the first pass is to dry your hair. The second pass is holding it in there to get that volume by rotating it a couple of times. 

The One step hair dryer and volumizer you must have

Because of the angle of the brush, you can get to the roots to dry the hair. Normally, it usually takes at least 10 minutes just for that. So, spending 20 minutes from completely wet to super smooth is priceless. In general, the trick to a good blowout is to get your hair done when it is still wet. Drying it with the best blow dry brush, instead of styling once it's been dry, saves you time. Having wet hair works well for this brush. People with a lot of hair usually like to work with pretty small portions of hair sections to have a good result. The hardest part to smooth is what is closest to your scalp. So focus on straightening this and then work on the ends. It also needs a little more attention when you have some baby hair. People that like a lot of volume in their hair will be satisfied.With the one-step volumizer, blow drying wet hair is the best way to get more volume. You can quickly brush off if you're looking for a smooth/straight effect. Or, you can focus on twisting it more and staying a little longer if you want some waves. This solution is pretty fast for curly and long hair.