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Hair BrushX Comb Volumizer + Free Tea Tree Shampoo

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| The Hair BrushX Comb Volumizer

It's the new generation Hair Straightener & Volumizer All-in-One!

Can you imagine not having to spend a lot of time each morning? With the The Hair BrushX Comb, you won't need to worry about your hair when you need to go out.

Your new favorite tool has bristles that straighten more hair at a time, with up to 2x less strokes, 2x less time and helps prevent hair loss with negative ions.

One stroke: straight, silky, smooth, voluminous. This Hair Straightener & Volumizer All-in-One will allow you to sleep 30 to 50 minutes longer each morning while looking your best all day.

| How it works

No more repeats! It's not magic, but it could be!

This brush has heat settings (266℉ - 410℉) and 25 mini ceramic plates between its bristles.

When you run a strand through the BrushX, it automatically divides your strands into 25 smaller pieces. This way, each of your strands is individually straightened.

You already know the results of this process: Individual attention to each strand, ensuring fewer passes to leave your hair perfect for days - with less damage!

Comparing the traditional straightening irons, The Hair BrushX Comb Volumizer provides you better results (shiny, healthy, silky hair) with more Volume.


| Key technologies

➤ Straightens up to 2x faster.
It has bristles that straighten more hair at a time, with up to 2x less strokes. Surprise yourself with the speed of the process (and the results!).

➤ Reduces damage by 50%.
It automatically splits and preps your locks, allowing you to expose your hair to less heat and fewer passes!

➤ Anti-scalding heat protection.
Allows you to reach more roots of your hair without tearing.
Straighten close to the root without burning yourself and get volume! Its heat protection shields your scalp from heat and prevents burning.

➤ 5 temperature settings.
Choose from 5 temperatures, starting from 266℉ - 410℉ (130°C up to 210°C). Fall in love with the shine & softness that the BrushX™ Hair BrushX Comb will give your hair!


 | The new BrushX™ Tea Tree Shampoo

The famous Tingle Complex (a blend of tea tree, peppermint, and lavender) detangles, softens, and smoothes hair to make it more manageable, while its fresh scent gives it a pleasant smell.

The results on your hair and the pleasant sensation on your scalp will make you start each day with softness and confidence.


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