BrushX Tea Tree Shampoo

BrushX Tea Tree Shampoo

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| The new BrushX™ Tea Tree Shampoo

You won't go back to your old shampoo. The results on your hair and the pleasant sensation on your scalp will make you start each day with softness and confidence.

Infused with a botanical blend, our BrushX Tea Tree Shampoo detangles, softens, helps wash away impurities, leaves hair fresh and smoothes strands for instant manageability - while its fresh scent leaves hair smelling great!

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| Best Vegan-Friendly Formula

With BrushX Tea Tree Shampoo, you'll find a range of ingredients, including tea tree oil, peppermint and lavender, to invigorate your scalp, renew worn-out locks and give your hair a pleasant scent.

Tea tree oil has antibacterial properties to naturally treat dandruff. It will sanitize your roots and allow your hair to remain clean and soft longer.

| Why is our shampoo special?

Our BrushX Tea Tree Shampoo is an effective way to treat: 

➤ Less oily, clean longer: As you apply the product to your hair, it removes impurities, hydrates, and leaves your hair full of life and healthier. Your hair will remain clean and less greasy longer.

➤ Less hair loss, less itching: Our Tea Tree Shampoo is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to get rid of hair loss, dandruff, and itching. 

➤ No more dull, lifeless hair: We hate the feeling of dirty, dull hair. With our Tea Tree Shampoo your hair will immediately feel fresh, and, after only one shampoo, your hair will be full of life, soft, and shiny. 

| Add Shine and Invigorate Your Hair

Our shampoo is paraben-free, vegan formulated and safe to use on colored hair. 

Do you want gorgeous hair every day? BrushX Tea Tree Shampoo is ideal for all hair types. Your hair regains its vitality and is healthier than ever.

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