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BrushX Black

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The first thing people notice about you is your hair!

Don't let your hair, laziness, time and bad practices affect your self confidence and make you uncomfortable.


| The new BrushX™ Black

Meet the newest addition to the BrushX Fam, the BrushX™ Black Gen.2. Based off our much loved original BrushX™ One, we upgraded EVERYTHING we possibly could to bring you the best hairstyling tool. More negative ions for more shine, reinforced ceramic coating to further reduce damage and a larger air distribution - so you can achieve salon-worthy blowouts at home in a flash !

brushx how it works


| How it works

We designed our BrushX Black to deliver salon results in minutes. Adjustable airflow lets you control the heat and speed while the titanium barrel gently smooths hair to shiny, frizz-free perfection. This much-loved brush can change your life and your routine for the better. Style all hair types (yes - ALL hair types) in one step and without any risk to the hair.

We created our BrushX™ with a high quality, ceramic dryer with negative ions that instantly eliminate static electricity and frizz to create salon hairstyles full of shine and healthy looking hair - without spending $100 each time !

brushx results

| Key technologies

The BrushX Black™ uses 3 ingenious technologies:

➤ The BrushX Black™ will preserve and improve the quality of your hair with its ionic technology, instantly eliminating static and frizz while creating styles full of shine and healthy-looking hair.

➤ Also, its high-end, ceramic coating allows you to discipline your hair without damaging it, while making it soft and shiny.

➤ The same brush, designed with nylon pin & tufted bristles for detangling and improving volume and control.

With your BrushX™, it is now possible to achieve a successful hairstyle without destroying your hair over time. 

 ✪ You will be recognized as having daily smooth and soft hair that looks like you spent a ton of time/money on it.

You get a free hairdressing class when you buy your BrushX 

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