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Fast Upper Straightening Brush

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| The new BrushX Fast Upper™

The Fast Upper has the power of a straightener and the simplicity of a classic hairbrush - in one product! You can get your mornings back on track by smoothing your hair in a single stroke!

This game-changing BrushX product uses ionic technology that leaves your hair with a shinier, silkier and longer-lasting effect.

Your time will be cut in half (or more), and your hair won't be crushed between metal plates... so no more of that frizzy, fried look - which is not that cute.


| How it works

Instant gratification. Your Fast Upper is ready in 30 seconds with its MCH heating, while the double ionic generator and high density Nano comb can easily turn any hair type into the silky, straight hair you've always dreamed of - in just minutes!

The Fast Upper provides a natural, lustrous look by sealing the hair cuticles, thus reducing split ends and knotting.

The Fast Upper ensures no time wasting, no damaging your hair, no more pain or burning (anti-scald technology), no damage to your scalp, no fatigue and no more money lost at the salon!

| Key technologies

Double ionic generator for healthy, silky hair helps eliminate static, fly-aways and frizz. You will have shinier, silkier hair that lasts all day.

 The high density Nano comb provides more control of your style, while reducing fly-aways and static. It works for all hair types, such as wavy or fine.

Metal ceramic heater (MCH) makes your brush ready to use within 30 seconds. It provides even heat distribution and quick temperature recovery time.

Anti-scald technology to protect even the most sensitive scalps. If you're a klutz with a straightener, and you've already burned yourself, you’ll be safe with the Fast Upper.

✪ You will be recognized as having daily smooth and soft hair that looks like you spent a ton of time/money on it.

*The default plug of this product is U.S. standard, so, if you order from other countries, you may need an adapter.

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